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Rho-Can has earned ISO 9001:2015 certification for its continued pursuit of quality excellence and we have implemented several quality assurance initiatives ranging from manual inspection of parts to sophisticated in process manufacturing CMM analysis. We are capable of providing customers with full inspection & PPAP reports using the latest software.

Brown & Sharpe CNC CMM


5 axis Brown & Sharpe CMM with PC-DMIS CAD inspection software. PC-DMIS CAD imports and exports CAD information in most internationally accepted formats and can generate probe paths directly from the CAD data.


Measuring range of 1200mm (x) by 1500mm (y) by 1000mm (z) and a resolution of .0005mm.

Mitutoyo CNC CMM


Mitutoyo Bright Apex with a Renishaw motorized probe head – PH10T.

Measuring range of 700mm (x) by 1000mm (y) by 600mm (z) and a resolution of .0005mm.

FARO Portable CMM

Faro Edge ScanArm for large parts and remote part inspection.

Measuring range of 2.7m, repeatability 0.029mm and accuracy ±0.041mm.

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